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Why I'm a crap tourist...

1) Two temples in, and I'm in need of one or all of the following: 1) a cup of tea; 2) a chocolate brownie; 3) a Beer Lao; 4) a lie down.

2) [Anyone who knows me will confirm this] I don't respond well to being told what to do, least of all what I should like or be wowed by. The carvings at Angkor Wat were undoubtedly stunning, but the havoc wreaked by nature on a nearby nameless temple was something else...

3) A balding, overweight westerner, sweating profusely in the midday sun, obliterates the seventh wonder of the world in a bid to offer photographic evidence to long-suffering relatives back home that he "was 'ere". Can someone please explain, because I really don't understand...

4) At major tourist attractions, I become easily distracted by people watching. I find myself absorbed by a bus-load of Koreans, who are filing past some ancient carving in a zombie-like state, wondering if they read the holiday brochure correctly, and thinking up nifty ways to out-manoeuvre them round the next section.

5) "You buy from meeee, only four dollaarr; you buy from meeee". "I'd love to, but unfortunately I left my purse at home. If you could just wait while I swim ashore..."

6) Tick lists are the root of all evil: e.g.101 things to do before you die. Is anything more crushing to the spirit of adventure than this?

Rant over. Now get back to the turkey sandwiches, or something.

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